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Monster: My ’64 Ford Falcon

You may be wondering why his name is Monster – yes, it’s a he. Well… he is a Frankenstein of at least 3 falcons: a  ’63, a’64 and a ’65 of different parts. Plus, I got exasperated with my boyfriend, Dave….. I made a statement when looking for my ‘next car’ one day that it would be a Mustang; he went out and bought an ’07 Ford Mustang, Shelby GT500. Well there went me getting a Mustang – I’m not going to have them sitting side-by-side and people say, ‘well your GT is nice, but WOW a Shelby!’ Then, I said my next car would be a Jeep… and you can see from the other links ‘we’ have a ’47 Jeep Willys. Dave bought it after I made that statement, but technically it was not for me. I have commandeered it.

So the Falcon…. One day I was talking to Dave about the future paint scheme for the Falcon. Now, a little backstory… Dave also has a ’67 Ford Mustang that he had at oen time completely restored. It was in an accident, so is half primer, half red, and needs some TLC and a new point job. Back to my Falcon…

I said I was going to paint the Falcon Silver with Purple faded flames of some sort. Dave says… ooh that sound neat! I should do that to my Mustang! wa…waaa….WAAAAA. Nope for Kari. I am not a matchy-matchy girl, we are not going to have his and hers in the same paint scheme! So I thought, what can I do to the Falcon that I know Dave would NEVER do?!? Smokey black/grey to almost the top of the body rails, with bright green on top, Frankenstein on the hood. Ouila! While I would love that, Dave would hate it!

Monster-Toolbox (1)
My new toolbox; inspiration…

My Falcon had some issues, rust in the panels, I skinned the door handles and chrome off of it and welded it to repair it all. It remains in this state, in California and until we move it out to our house… the Jeep is the current project onsite in Louisiana!

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