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Brought home September 15, 2002 from Compton, CA! Thank you to the former owner! That was a trip let me tell you... Pulled down the street and these two men were sitting on the porch drinking out of paper bags, and yelled out to me, "hey white girl! how ya doin?" Then I pulled out to the street, to a red light. A very large flatbed tow truck pulled next to me, and the very large men in the seat says, "sell me that car". So of course, I say "sorry I just picked it up!" and he starts to open his door. I floored it, ran the red light. Called my friend following me in my other car behind us and told her where I'd meet her. Fun fun!

Monster Needs Love!

Research, research and modify!

While the PO only used it as a garden ornament, I will be using it for excursions near Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. First things first, I removed all of the chrome and stored it until I make a final decision on it.

Monster Demands Attention

Definitely some work needed on him. I painted it with black primer, and started all of the body work. Since it is not original, I am going to modify Monster! The VIN plate says it was red with black interior, but it is actually gold with turquoise interior. The only thing that matches the VIN plate is that it is a 289 auto with bucket seats and a center console. So that gives me free reign!.


Now he needs protection

Living in Southern California, we had different weather than here in Southern Louisiana! Go figure.

No perfection-oriented persons allowed!

It's not perfect, but when you buy used, or vintage, you don't expect it to be. I started working, was injured, moved to Louisiana from California - what a trek! Now it is time to get Monster back on track. This is a site just for keeping all of the info for my car in one place! I had a stroke a little over a year ago, and it has affected me in the manner that I can’t remember everything as accurately as I once did. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday as well so old age is chasing me!


I have been going to car shows...

Getting inspiration to move forward! Car shows are ongoing. With a '64 Nova in the garage, running and driving, with my '64 Falcon next to it... I need to get it together! Monster hungers.

He's in our garage! fuzzy dice

Monster is in the garage, and has new tires! Now that we have moved, and he is in the garage, I have gone through the parts I have. I need to restart the work on him so he can live again. The engine is rebuilt, I have new brakes to be installed, I need to get it together and work on him!

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