Ford Falcon

'64 Falcon Futura Sprint Convertible


Rebuild of the site once again             website build

Thank you WordPress. It deleted all of the images from the site (three sites as a matter of fact) after their latest update. So I rebuilt the sites. This is the latest build without WP. What do you think so far?

Back it up! Back it up!                              PC


So this site design is the chosen one. After many iterations I think this is it! For now, anyway. For anyone who follows me knows that this is probably the tenth (or more) iteration I have had in as many years!

Happy Birthday to Me!                                                


I recently celebrated my 50th birthday! Gift to myself? Got some new tires on Monster! Thank you Vicki and Paul for having the facilities in their garage to get my tires on! Yes, they are full-size! LOL